Summer Programs Faculty Focus: Hydrology & Climate Change with Dr. David Boutt

    Dr. David Boutt is an Associate Professor of Hydrology in the department of Geosciences here at UMass. He grew up in Michigan and spent much of his time as a child fishing and spending time on the Great Lakes. Dr. Boutt attended Michigan State University and was always interested in environmental issues. He started out as a Microbiology major but he realized that he didn't want to spend all his time in a lab, instead he wanted to be out in the field and in nature, collecting data. Dr. Boutt began studying bio remediation and geosciences and went on to get his PhD in Hydrology at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

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    Jump! 2016 Staff: Introducing Lily Cigale

    Hi pals! My name is Lil and I am a BDIC (Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration) major here at UMass Amherst. My concentration is in social justice and holistic herbal healing and I'm really interested in the ways that earth-based healing practices and spirituality can be used to disrupt oppressive narratives and systems. I am from Westchester, New York but Western Massachusetts has become my home over the past few years.

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    Summer Programs Faculty Focus: About Music & Technology with Professor Robert Eisenstein

    Professor Robert Eisenstein grew up in Buffalo, NY. He studied violin as a kid and played in the University of Buffalo orchestra while he was in high school. It was also in high school that he first experienced Medieval (early) music, which in his own words "gradually took over my life!" Professor Eisenstein went to Antioch College as an undergraduate, and met his future colleagues Christopher Kendall and Scott Reiss there (the three of them went on to found the Folger Consort, an early music ensemble in residence at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC.)  After a year teaching high school in Brooklyn, he went to grad school at Sarah Lawrence, to study historically informed performance. Professor Eisenstein always has to have a foot in the scholarly world as well as the performance world, so music has always been an academic interest as well as something he enjoys performing. He also teaches music history as well as directing student performances.

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    Summer Programs Faculty Focus: About Food Science With Dr. Yeonhwa Park

    Dr. Yeonhwa Park is an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science here at UMass Amherst. Dr. Park was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea and attended undergraduate and graduate school (MS) at the Seoul National University, majoring in Pharmacy. She then came to the University of Wisconsin, Madison to attain her Ph.D. degree. She chose to study pharmacy because her father wanted her to have a major with job security and her brother was already studying pharmacy as well. She liked studying pharmacy because she liked knowing that she could potentially help others with their health. By the time she graduated with her MS degree, she wanted to reach more people, so she decided to study Food Science.

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    Jump! 2016: Introducing Sean (Hoatian) Gao


    Hello! I’m Sean and I will be a Sophomore student next semester. I’m an Economics major and will also major in Architecture & Design this fall. I am a one hundred percent Chinese, so English is definitely my second language. In most times, I’m back and forth between my dorm room and my classrooms, but this semester I started to work in Worcester Dining Commons during my spare time. I am an art person, indeed my life fills with arts. One thing I prefer about UMass more than any other universities is that the material offering is wonderful. You can explore numerous places in the Fine Art Center and the Du Bois Library. I believe this summer will be one of the most unforgettable summers I have ever experienced, since it will offer lots of opportunities for me to know new friends and share my experience with them. Moreover I believe the activities held by this program will absolutely provide each of the participants a wonderful summer.

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    10 Songs That Perfectly Capture Summer in Amherst


    Summer playlists are a really important way to carry good, sunny vibes with you wherever you go. Play them in your car as your cruise around, or bring a portable speaker to the pond and vibe in the sun with your toes in the water. Everyone's perfect summer playlist is going to be different, but here are 10 awesome summery songs to get you started on yours!

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    Jump! 2016 Staff: Introducing Yanni Lan

    Hi all, my name is Yanni and I’m a rising Sophomore Economics major, and maybe I'll be a business major in the future. I was a participant last year in the Jump! program just like you guys, I can definitely tell you, what you get is more than just classes! I am from China, and I came to the U.S. for college. I love travelling and trying new things, maybe that’s one of the reasons I chose to study abroad. Finding good food is always my priority. Looking for good restaurants around our school? Ask me! One of best things about UMASS is the New Student Orientation. Don’t miss it. It is a huge event that helps you get involved with our school and make new friends though various activities! UMASS’s food is very good, too. Each Dining Common has its own special dishes, you should try them all. I am here to help you have an amazing summer experience, and get ready for the first year of UMASS!
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    Jump 2016 Staff: Introducing Manan Vakta


    Hii!!!! My name's Manan and I will be a senior starting fall 2016. I am a transfer student from India and have just completed my first year of schooling in America. I am a computer science major and I want to get into game development after graduation. I am a member of a sex education theater troupe called The Not Ready For Bedtime Players, and a Hindi - English acapella group ( I love acting and singing if that wasn't obvious). I have thoroughly enjoyed being at UMass, the endless stream of activities that happen everywhere on campus keeps things fresh and are always fun. BTW did I mention I love gaming above all other things !!! I'm an avid gamer and play games like DoTA 2, CS GO, WOW, etc etc. I'm looking forward to having a warm and enjoyable summer :D. 

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    Jump! 2016 Staff: Introducing Symone Green



    Hey! I’m Symone and I will be a Sophomore here at UMass this upcoming fall. I’m an English major and a Education/Linguistics minor (I’m not quite sure yet). I do know that I plan on using my degree to teach English as a Second Language. I came to UMass undeclared, but I got involved with ESL instruction through UMass’ wide variety of community service opportunities, and have been in love with it since. I am also a member of the Not Ready for Bedtime Players, a comedy troupe on campus that focuses on sexual health education. My favorite part about Umass is its wide variety of activities. From RSO events to Intramural Sports, there’s always something fun going on to participate in. I’m looking forward to seeing what Amherst/Northampton has to offer this summer, from tea shops to live music and art events that happen right here in Western Mass!


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