Top 8 Sandwiches on UMass Amherst's Campus

    Posted by Lily Cigale on Mar 24, 2016 2:23:58 PM

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    One of the best things about going to UMass Amherst is eating at UMass Amherst. We've been ranked number two nationally for best campus food by the Princeton Review (number one in my heart and belly). When you're a full time student, and busy with work and extracurriculars, it can be hard to find time to sit down and eat a meal, but luckily UMass offers a wide variety of sandwiches for you to scoop up and take on the go! Here are the top sandwiches that I've bitten into during my years at UMass.

    8. Tuna Salad Sandwich at Franklin DC Grab and Go

    Three of the dining halls, Berkshire, Franklin, and Worcester have "Grab and Go" where you can quickly grab a sandwich, some chips, and a banana (or whatever snacks you like) and use a meal swipe to pay for it! It's a great way to make sure you can have lunch in between classes. They have lots of types of sandwiches and other food as well, but my favorite is the tuna salad sandwich on a roll. Yum.

    7. Steak and Cheese at Roots Cafe

    Roots is the Cafe in the Honors College Residential Area. They do Grab and Go breakfast, pizza, noodles, and of course sandwiches!  They make their sandwiches on big sub rolls which are absolutely delicious, sometimes I crave one of these just for the bread! My favorite is the steak and cheese, with yummy thin steak, pepper and onions, and plenty of cheese. It's the type of sandwich that just feels good to eat!


    6. Make Your Own Sandwich at Berk or Frank

    Berkshire and Franklin Dining Commons both have a sandwich bar where you can pick from a huge array of breads, protein, veggies, dressings, and other yummy toppings. The sandwich bar is open for lunch at Berk and all day at Frank, it's a total dream. My tip: ask them to spread hummus on your bread, it's delicious!

    5. Chicken & Goat Cheese at the Procrastination Station

    The Procrastination Station is the cafe on the ground floor of the W.E.B. Dubois library and it's open whenever the library is open-- that's 11am-9pm on weekends and 24 hours during the week and during finals. You can always pop in there to grab a coffee, a fruit smoothie, or a cookie to stay energized and focused on your work. They also have three big, delicious sandwiches: turkey and bacon, three cheese veggie, and my favorite-- chicken and goat cheese. The sandwiches are all made with top-notch fresh ingredients. I never thought I'd be going to the library for lunch, but you can catch me there at least once a week!


    4. Hampshire Melt at Baby Berk 2

    Baby Berk 2 is one of the two UMass Dining food trucks that you can find parked in various locations around campus. You'll almost always find Baby Berk or Baby Berk 2 parked in the middle of campus as everyone walks to and from class. The original Baby Berk has burgers (including a delicious veggie burger). Baby Berk 2 has melts which I think I like even better than the burgers. My favorite melt is the Hampshire Melt-- Shaved Black Angus Sirloin Beef Steak, Cabot Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Fried Egg, and Applewood Smoked Bacon. Served with Garlic Aioli on House Made Bacon Cheese Bread. It's just about the yummiest thing you can get from a truck on your way to class. Plus, Baby Berk 2 has the crispiest tater tots I think I've ever had, wow.


    3. Chicken and Falafel at Pita Pit

    You can find Pita Pit on the first floor of Worcester Dining Commons, across the hall from the Worcester Convenience Store. They have fresh made to order pita sandwiches of all types, whether you crave turkey, chicken, beef, seafood or vegetarian pitas. They also have very good salads if you're feeling like you want a healthier option. My favorite sandwich there is the chicken and falafel with pickled vegetables and plenty of hummus. Wow, writing this blog post is really making me hungry!

    2. No-Moo at Greeno Sub Shop

    Greeno Sub Shop is one of seven student-run cooperatives on campus. Student-run businesses have a non-hierarchical power structure in which every student who works there is a co-manager and they share responsibilities evenly. Recently, the student-run businesses won a campaign to begin accepting Dining Dollars, which means that you can pay for your food there with your Student Meal Plan! Greeno has plenty of delicious sandwiches, including what many call the best vegan sandwich on campus, the No-Moo-- a yummy veggie burger topped with onions, tomatoes, pickles, avocado and mustard!


    1. GutBuster at Greeno Sub Shop

    I'm sorry, Greeno is just so good that I have to mention them twice. For people who don't mind their fair share of animal products, the GutBuster is an overwhelmingly delicious option. The GutBuster is breaded chicken, bacon, cheddar, and onion with ranch and honey mustard on a sub and yes, it is just as good as it sounds! You might have to save half of it for tomorrow, but it makes a great leftover too!


    I'm wicked hungry now, and getting excited about the lunch options I have today! If you're looking to spend some time at UMass Amherst this summer and try these sandwiches for yourself, it's time to think about Summer Programs!

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