Introducing the New Face of the Summer Programs Office

    Posted by Winnie Ching on Dec 15, 2017 11:04:48 AM

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    Today we are introducing a new staff member here at UMass Summer Programs, Winnie Ching. Winnie is working on all things summer, and will be writing a series of new blog posts about student life at UMass Amherst. Below she answers our pressing questions about studying at UMass.


    Hello friends! My name is Winnie and I am a senior at UMass Amherst majoring in Psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. Throughout my years at UMass, my increasing interest in the relationship between brain and behavior and passion for helping others made me realize that I want to pursue medical school in the near future. I am also a member of the Commonwealth Honors College, which allowed me to work more closely with my professors and to conduct my honors thesis.

    Within psychology, I am conducting my own research project in visual cognition to answer questions on the effects of verbal encoding on visual search tasks. In order to answer these questions, I track eye movements to better understand how often participants fixate on particular search items.

    During the school year, I also peer advise in the Psychological and Brain Sciences advising office and have the wonderful opportunity to get to know my peers and talk about our goals and aspirations. I am also the Treasurer for Nu Rho Psi, a national neuroscience society where we educate students more on the brain and also building connections with people who share the similar interests.


    Major: Psychology (BS)

    Graduation Year: Spring 2018

    After graduation: I hope to gain more experience in research through either an internship or a job. After a year or two out of undergraduate studies, I hope to apply to medical school and start my training as a research practitioner.

    Interests outside of classroom: When I’m outside of the classroom, I peer advise and work on my research. I love coffee so going out to a coffee shop to do work is an adventure to me. Also, I watch a lot of Asian television because I grew up watching it and there’s just no point in stopping now because I love it. I get to work on my own language skills and better understand the Asian culture.

    UMass memory that sticks out in your mind: When I was a freshman, I was really excited about having ice cream every day. One day, I was adding sprinkles to my ice cream cone and I dropped my ice cream in the bucket of sprinkles at the dining hall. My friends laughed at me as I cleaned it up. But it’s okay, I’ve had more embarrassing experiences.

    Advice for someone considering UMass as an undergraduate: I would recommend utilizing the recreation center more because I ate a lot and didn’t exercise enough and that was a mistake. Freshman 15 was no joke. Also, I would highly encourage students to take advantage of all the resources they come across because college is where people find out what their interests are. It’s very important to go and experience things for yourself rather than asking people what their experience was like. You may fall in love with something you never knew you had a passion for and I think that is such a blessing.

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