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    Top 8 Places to Eat in Amherst


    Lily's fantastic post about the best sandwiches on campus last week got me thinking - what are all of the other amazing places to eat (sandwich-shops included) that are not on campus but scattered throughout downtown Amherst? Considering we are consistently ranked among the top college towns in the country, with a large portion of that coming from the terrific restaurants in town, an expert's take (mine) on the best places to eat in town seemed warranted for the readers of this blog who will soon be frolicking (and eating) all throughout town. Ranking them will be incredibly difficult, but in the name of your stomach and happiness I would highly recommend checking out each of these local joints!

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    Jump! Academics: Honors 201, Ideas That Change The World

    One of my favorite courses that I have taken at UMass, and the one that actually led to my job with UMass Summer, is Honors 201: Ideas That Change The World. Honors 201 is an introductory honors requirement that challenges students to think critically about our world and the profound ideas that shaped it. A close connection is maintained in the course between the concept of the historical innovator and the concept of the student as potential creator. All students in the Jump! program for incoming undergraduates will take this course over the summer, so I wanted to articulate my experience in the course, the ways it shaped my personal growth and development, and shed a light on the professors who will actually be teaching the Jump! sections of Honors 201 this summer.

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    Jump! Student Focus: Maddie Stump and Naaz Sheikh

    I met with Naaz Sheikh and Maddie Stump, two wonderful students from Jump! 2015, to check in, catch up, and reflect on the days when it wasn't -10 degrees and we were hanging out on mountains and cavorting around the warm and empty UMass campus over the summer. I met these two while working as the Student Activities Coordinator for Jump!, which is a four-week transitional program for incoming UMass students that gives them a head start on everything from credits to campus life.

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    Summer Programs Faculty Focus: About Sustainable Farming and Food Systems with Sarah Berquist


    Sarah Berquist is a lecturer in the
    Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst She focuses on  sustainable agriculture and food systems, and  will share her incredible knowledge and experiences outdoors with select high school students this summer in her one-week Sustainable Farming and Food Systems program through UMass Summer Pre-College!  
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    Summer Programs Faculty Focus: About Memory and Sleep with Professor Rebecca Spencer

    Dr. Rebecca Spencer is an associate professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences in the College of Natural Sciences at UMass Amherst. She studies the neuroscientific relationship between memory and sleep, both in children as it relates to learning and adults as it may relate to the loss of memory. Dr. Spencer is looking for up to five high-school-aged research assistants to join her in her lab this summer as a part of UMass Summer Pre-College's six-week Research Intensives program that places ambitious high-schoolers in research labs with distinguished faculty members.

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