What Should I Major In?!?

    Posted by summercollegeumass on May 28, 2015 5:52:22 PM

    In College Admissions

    It's hard to know what you are interested in studying before you've taken a variety of courses, but more and more colleges are requiring you to choose a major before you even arrive on campus.
    Summer pre-college programs are a great way to see what a field is like while you are still in high school.  You can also take one of a TON of quizzes online -- some are more helpful than others -- by googling "what should I major in quiz."
    The best resource is probably your guidance counselor and teachers.  Make the time to have conversations with them outside of class.  You can also reach out to professors at the colleges you are applying to to ask what it's like to major in their area.
    You might ask about
    • workload
    • job options
    • number of faculty in the department
    • number of students in the major
    • possibility to double major
    • amount of writing vs. projects

    Also, remember that it's ok to switch your major if you realize it's not clicking for you.  Be sure to speak with your academic advisors first, though, to avoid any issues!

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