New Pre-College Programs for 2020

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    Our new pre-college programs for Summer 2019 range from programming to music theory and more. Check out what's new!

    Introduction to Programming in Processing (2 weeks, July 5 - 18)

    Learn how to program by taking a trip through the world of Computer Science! This hands-on course will teach you the fundamentals of writing code through tackling problems from a variety of different fields within computing. Along the way, you will program classic video games like Pong, explore how to work with and visualize real data, understand how digital sensors can be used to understand the world, and more! full description

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    Intro to Programming in Processing - College of Information & Computer Science


    Fundamentals of Music Theory (1 week, July 5 - 11)

    Fundamentals of Music Theory introduces concepts useful for listening, composing, and playing music in a variety of styles. This one-week course includes an introduction to rhythm, meter, pitch, scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, and voice leading, as well as an introduction to sight singing and dictation. Students attend lecture in the morning and then work in small teams on a different project each day. full description

    music theory

    Intro to Music Theory - Department of Music & Dance


    Architectural & Landscape Watercolor Rendering (1 week, July 19 - 25)

    This fun watercolor rendering workshop is designed for high school students at all levels who are interested in architecture and landscape architecture as well as fine art to experience the professions from an artist’s perspective. No experience needed. Viewing architecture and landscape architecture as a form of fine art, students will learn fundamental artistic concepts pertaining to the medium of watercolor. full description

    architecture rendering

    Architecture & Landscape Watercolor Rendering - Department of Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning


    Foundations of Data Science (2 weeks, July 19 - Aug 1)

    The field of Data Science encompasses methods, processes, and systems that enable the extraction of useful knowledge from data. Introduction to Foundations of Data Science introduces core data science concepts including computational and inferential thinking, along with core data science skills including computer programming and statistical methods. full description

    data science

    Foundations of Data Science - Department of Mathematics & Statistics


    Economics of Hunger (2 weeks, July 19 - Aug 1)

    Have you ever been hungry? Do you know that about 821 million people (1 in 9 people) on earth cannot afford enough food to get sufficient nutrients for their body, and go to bed empty stomach? Isn’t it surprising that although more than enough food is produced in this planet to feed everyone, 1 in 15 children die before 5 years of age from hunger related causes? full description


    Economics of Hunger - Department of Resource Economics


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