Jump 2016 Staff: Introducing Manan Vakta

    Posted by Manan Vakta on Apr 17, 2016 1:24:00 PM

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    Hii!!!! My name's Manan and I will be a senior starting fall 2016. I am a transfer student from India and have just completed my first year of schooling in America. I am a computer science major and I want to get into game development after graduation. I am a member of a sex education theater troupe called The Not Ready For Bedtime Players, and a Hindi - English acapella group ( I love acting and singing if that wasn't obvious). I have thoroughly enjoyed being at UMass, the endless stream of activities that happen everywhere on campus keeps things fresh and are always fun. BTW did I mention I love gaming above all other things !!! I'm an avid gamer and play games like DoTA 2, CS GO, WOW, etc etc. I'm looking forward to having a warm and enjoyable summer :D. 

    Things I look forward to this summer: Meeting new people, camping, trekking, music festivals.
    Favorite Books: Eragon Series, The series of Unfortunate Events, ANY Jeffery Archer Book.
    Music I listen to: EDM, trap, house, tiesto, and trapnation
    Fun Fact: I have around 6000 hours played in DoTA 1 and 2. ( That's 250 straight days )
    If you're an incoming UMass student interested in joining Manan and the rest of the Jump! team in the beautiful Pioneer Valley this summer, check out the Jump! website:
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