Summer Programs Faculty Focus: About “Forensic Anthropology” with Professor Stacey Matarazzo-Rine

    Have you ever watched popular crime shows like Bones or Crime Scene Investigation, maybe even Dexter, and wondered what was really going on behind the scenes? During the two-week summer pre-college program with Professor Stacey Matarazzo-Rine running from July 9-July 22, 2017, you will have the opportunity to work in a university laboratory and explore the fields of forensic anthropology and science with hands-on experiments with human skeletons! Have more questions about what that will entail? We had a conversation with Professor Matarazzo, exploring the program, her current research, and what it takes to be a successful forensic anthropologist. The transcription of that conversation is below.

    8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Summer Program

    Pre-college summer programs are becoming more and more popular. Students learn about different majors, make lifetime friends, experience what college is like, and improve their credentials for college acceptance. Here are 8 things to think about when selecting a program for yourself or your son or daughter.

    Summer Programs Faculty Focus: Hydrology & Climate Change with Dr. David Boutt

    Dr. David Boutt is an Associate Professor of Hydrology in the department of Geosciences here at UMass. He grew up in Michigan and spent much of his time as a child fishing and spending time on the Great Lakes. Dr. Boutt attended Michigan State University and was always interested in environmental issues. He started out as a Microbiology major but he realized that he didn't want to spend all his time in a lab, instead he wanted to be out in the field and in nature, collecting data. Dr. Boutt began studying bio remediation and geosciences and went on to get his PhD in Hydrology at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

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