A Whale of a Tale

    Posted by summercollegeumass on Jul 28, 2014 7:54:04 AM

    In Session C, Session A

    Ahoy! Hope your weekend was great.

    At Summer College we enjoyed an activity-packed weekend including a trip to Six Flags New England on Saturday and a visit to Boston on Sunday. This time I took part in the latter.

    Thankfully it didn't rain until we got on the Duck Boat Thankfully it didn't rain until we got on the Duck Boat

    Apparently, the Six Flags trip got a little help from the weather. Last time, we enjoyed a very sunny day and so did many other people, resulting in relatively long lines at some attractions, although it was bearable overall. On Saturday cloudy skies scared the massive crowds away, leaving our PAs and students with everyone's dream: no lines.

    Although the water park lost its appeal due to the weather, the students enjoyed little to no wait at every ride and got to ride them repeatedly. By 6 PM they were back and more than tired from the long day. Later that night we all enjoyed a soccer game right outside Sycamore.

    By 8:30 the next morning we were already boarding the bus to Boston. The two hour ride went smoothly and we got to the Duck Boat location for an 11 AM departure. Thankfully, it didn't start raining until we got on the vehicle (not sure if I should call it a truck or a boat).

    All Aboard! All Aboard!

    Our driver, The Joker, took us around iconic Boston landmarks while informing us about historical events from the war that led to independence. As an international, it was interesting to learn about the history of Boston; I didn't know most of the land was put there block by block, expanding what used to be a rather small piece of land.

    Next we went out on the water, where the students (and I) were allowed to drive the vehicle briefly. It was great to feel like a duck and be able to transition from land to sea in the same vehicle.

    We then went back to the Prudential Center, where we ate lunch and headed to our next tour. The students split into two groups; one went to the Museum of Science while the other headed to the New England Aquarium for a whale watch.

    The Aurora was the vessel which took us Whale Watching The Aurora was our vessel for the whale watch

    At the Museum of Science, students were free to roam all of exhibits and enjoy an IMAX movie about pandas. I joined the whale watch, where we set sail on the open sea and saw two humpback whales hunting for food. We even saw a breach, which is when a whale flips belly up out of the water (according to our guides, this happens only 1/10 times).

    Both groups then met up at Quincy Market for dinner and explored the area until 8 PM, when we all boarded the bus back to Amherst.

    Pretty sure the whale was waving at us Pretty sure the whale was waving at us

    I really hope the students all enjoyed their respective field trips and the change of scenery this weekend. Now it's time to go back to classes, which I will be writing about later in the week!

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