Third and Ten

    Posted by summercollegeumass on Jul 21, 2014 7:16:40 AM

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    Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been here in a while but the past few days were abnormally busier than usual. Feeling are mixed here at Summer College; on the one hand we're thrilled to have received our Session C students yesterday, but on the other we were sorry to see the Session B students go on Saturday.

    The Talent Show's starting act The Talent Show's starting act

    Let's get going with a quick rundown of last week. Last week we hosted the two final pre-college workshops and a talent show run by and featuring our students (I didn't have any talent to add to it). The first workshop was led by Kate Allen from Career Services, who taught our students how to better choose a career path. Kate is a familiar face for us as she used to work for Summer College! Finally, the last workshop was run by our PAs, who gave a student perspective of UMass and college in general. Although the two topics were very different, the workshops gave students a really clear idea of what college means in a person's life.

    One of the components of Arboriculture is Tree-Climbing! One of the components of Arboriculture is tree climbing!

    Right after the last workshop, the students showcased their instrumental and vocal abilities. From piano to ukulele, from Red Hot Chili Peppers' Under The Bridge to Beyond The Sea by Bobby Darin (yes parents, I'm not kidding about this one), the night wouldn't be complete without Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen. I also managed to catch some of the activities the students were doing in class over the last few days. On Wednesday I ran into Brian Kane and his three Arboriculture students on an identification walk around campus. After lunch on Thursday I attended a Sport Management class with professor Steve McKelvey and a very special guest: Chris Thompson, VP of the AHL team Springfield Falcons.

    VP of the Springfield Falcons, Chris Thompson! VP of the Springfield Falcons, Chris Thompson!

    On Friday I caught part of the Engineering Institute's final presentations. The students had created models with a 3D Printer for their disaster-prevention projects. I was really impressed by the models and the research that they represented.

    This group created a robot that supplies medicine at disaster zones! This group created a robot that supplies medicine at disaster zones!

    I then headed down to the Studio Arts building to see the Digital Media & Visual Arts group exposition. The walls were full of photographs, paintings and drawings. You could definitely see both the digital media and the visual arts components; the students clearly got a well-rounded experience from the program.

    They spent a lot of time behind the camera,  but they sure know what to do on the other side They spent a lot of time behind the camera, but they sure know what to do on the other side

    Last but not least, I had a chance to visit the Equine Management girls at the Hadley Farm. I thought I would only be able to see their final presentations but turns out I got there just in time to witness the artificial breeding of a mare. It was... umm... life-changing? I just wasn't mentally prepared to see that. I didn't get to say goodbye to the students before they left on Saturday, but I really wish them the best. It's weird walking around campus and not bumping into them. As for the Session A students, I feel like they go to school with us now! I'm so used to seeing them everywhere that I don't remember them not being around. I'll try to visit them at their labs at some point this week.

    Tried to make them look this way, butt they didn't cooperate Tried to make the foals look at the camera, butt they didn't cooperate

    Finally, check-in went really smoothly yesterday. I got to meet some of the students and their parents. We had our welcome meeting, and after the parents left the floor meetings started. The new students began to meet their PAs and floormates, and enjoyed activities later that night. An early start awaited them the next, morning but they made it to breakfast and are currently at their first class. I'll keep track of them and will be posting updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages. I'll try my best to get a new blog post out before the end of the week! Also, if you are more into visuals, there's a photo gallery to the right of this page and on our Instagram account!