Second and Ten

    Posted by summercollegeumass on Jul 7, 2014 12:33:49 PM

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    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last wrote!

    The Session A students have been here for a full week, while Session B students just arrived yesterday. Two things I really liked about yesterday: first, seeing how comfortable the Session A students feel here after only one week, and how both groups are already getting to know each other.

    With the storm and the 4th of July I did't have a chance to spend any time with the students until yesterday. From what I heard the rain spoiled a lot of the outdoor activities but they had a good weekend overall. When I saw them yesterday they were as friendly as always.


    Walter Bottle joined all Session B students in the general welcome meeting Walter Bottle joined Session B students at the general welcome meeting

    Session B check-in went smoothly, and Sycamore isn't as quiet now that we have 100+ students. I admit I was a little bit overwhelmed at first, but after getting to know some of them it's just like when we had only 17 kids with us.

    I joined a few of the students for dinner and got to meet some of their parents as well. Everyone seems excited to see what these two weeks will bring for them. They were also really impressed by the food.

    Anyone hungry? Anyone hungry?

    After a brief welcome meeting with their instructors, students met their PAs and their floor-mates. The inevitable icebreaker took place and then they all headed to the fields to play around until the sun went down.

    Ready for a blast of acronyms?

    By 8AM I met the Sport Management (SM) students in Sycamore Hall lobby and went to breakfast with them. All of the other students were were there, too, along with the PAs. It's incredible how the DCs (Dining Commons) are packed now because so many of our students are here. After leading my group to ISOM (Isenberg School of Management, are you getting why we have to shorten stuff up?) and the Digital Media and Visual Arts (DMVA) group to the Studio Arts Building (SAB... I'm actually joking about this one) I headed back to the office where I'm writing this post.

    Professor Todd Crosset ginving a brief overview of what Sport Management means Professor Todd Crosset ginving a brief overview of what Sport Management means

    The kids should be going to lunch soon, and I'm sure they will have already established meaningful friendships with people in their programs.